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Commercial Property

At Pittalis LLP, we provide specialist advice for buying, selling and leasing commercial property or entering into any commercial arrangement involving property.

Our aim is to ensure that the client’s rights and obligations under contract are looked after and protected when dealing with all commercial property matters from the beginning to end.

We understand that having the right property, whether you are setting up or expanding your business is a significant decision and financial commitment to make.

We have acted for both landlords and tenants in the negotiation of commercial property lease agreements and renewals, and other related matters that may arise.

Our experience with commercial property transactions is extensive and we have assisted our clients in buying, selling and leasing commercial freehold and leasehold property for office space and business premises including licensed premises, hotels, industrial estates and retail premises.

Our service includes the following areas of commercial property law:

• Buying and selling freehold and leasehold commercial property
• Remortgaging
• Negotiation of commercial leases
• Assignment and renewal of commercial leases
• Lease/rent reviews
• Licensing permits
• Acquisition of business as a going concern involving property
• Auction acquisitions

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