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Commercial Leases

Commercial Property Lease Solicitors

If you seek legal representation for a Commercial Property with a lease, our Commercial Property team has the knowledge and expertise to assist and help you with your legal needs.

Whether you are a Landlord or Tenant seeking to rent a Commercial Property, our team of expert solicitors and lawyers will take care of your legal needs to ensure the lease terms are clear and protect you.

We act for both Landlord and Tenants for:

• Existing leases
• New leases
• Lease extensions
• Sub lets

It is essential when preparing and negotiating lease terms that the lease represents and protects the parties and that the requirements of each party are adequately understood and reflected through the terms of the lease.

A poorly drafted lease, or a lease that has not considered all the parties’ issues, is likely to lead to problems. The Commercial Property team at Pittalis LLP will work on your behalf to ensure the lease is correct and you understand each of the terms and how they affect you and the other party.

How we help

Commercial leases are often complex, and our team are here to provide you with the clarity you need to interpret and understand the document from start to finish. Due to the varying property types, leases will be different. We will apply our expertise to ensure the lease reflects the property type and use and meets all necessary and legal requirements.

We will ensure that each area of the Commercial lease is covered, and all the regions are considered, for example:

• Rent payable
• Rent-free periods
• Break clauses
• Repairs and reinstatements
• Termination
• Service charges
• Rent reviews

Multiple factors need to be considered, and our Commercial Property team will ensure you are guided on the appropriate clauses in the lease.

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To speak with a member of our Commercial Property team, please call us on 020 8446 9555, email us at or make an online enquiry here and we will call you back.