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Contracts and Agreements

Contracts & Agreements Solicitors

Contract law can be complex due to the nature and construction of documents and the actions of the parties. With the Pittalis LLP commercial team we will work with you to understand the legal process and implications of contractual documentation.

Contracts and Agreements often form the basis of an agreement between two or more parties. They will usually be in written form, but it is also possible for parties to enter an Agreement verbally or through a course of dealings.

How we help

At Pittalis LLP our commercial team will assist you with the understanding of a contract, amending the contract to protect your position, and delivering a written document that represents your requirements with another party.

It is essential for parties to an Agreement, irrespective of the purpose and requirements, to seek legal advice to ensure they fully understand the terms of the Agreement and that the intentions of the parties are interpreted and written into the final and signed documents. Examples of Contracts and Agreements we cover include:

• Shareholder agreements
• Partnership agreements
• Purchase and sale agreements including asset transfer
• Contract variations
• Terms and Conditions
• Confidentiality agreements
• Franchise agreements
• Employment contracts

We have extensive experience in advising businesses and their owners not only on the construction of Agreements but their interpretation to ensure there is a full understanding of the requirements of the parties before action is taken.

An expertly written document by our commercial team will protect the parties to an Agreement and minimise the risk of disputes in the future, or where a dispute occurs to ensure the parties are aware of the implications to either avoid the dispute or to secure quicker resolution of the issues.

Whether you are in need or a new Agreement, wish to update or revise an existing Agreement or are concerned that an Agreement has been breached by you or another party, our commercial contracts team are available to assist you.

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