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Debt Recovery

Debt Recovery

Debt recovery is the process by which one party will take action to recover monies owed to them from another party or parties.

At Pittalis LLP we can assist with legal advice and representation for individuals and businesses to pursue or defend the recovery of debts.

How we help

We act for both individuals and companies who need to take action to recover monies owed to them or to defend them in the event a claim is being raised against them.

The first step in a debt recovery action is to understand the reason why the monies owed have not been paid and to approach the non-paying party to establish their reason for non-payment. Should that party ignore us, or their reasons for non-payment are not acceptable, we will take the requisite action on your behalf to recover the monies for you.

If the non-paying party has valid reasons we will guide and advise you on the best course of action and your rights, and act on your behalf to find the best possible resolution.

If you are a person or company who it is alleged owes money, that you do not wish to make payment and you face legal action by another, we can defend and represent you to avoid payment being made where there is a viable defence or to agree a settlement on the best terms reasonably available.
Our aim is to deal with all debt claims efficiently and practically, avoiding unnecessary and costly litigation. Resolving a claim quickly is often in the best interests of the parties but this is not always possible.

For our business clients, we understand that it can cost time, money, and resources to chase outstanding payments from customers and if left unattended, can negatively impact the cash flow and ongoing operations of a business no matter how small or large.

At Pittalis LLP the focus will always be our commitment to securing prompt payment and recovery of the debt but also, we will act with consideration of the business relationship you have with your customer.

Our service includes the following areas of debt recovery:

• Personal and commercial debt
• Preparation of letters before action
• Pre-litigation negotiation and agreement
• Issue of county Court claims
• Enforcement of judgements
• Bankruptcy proceedings
• Winding up proceedings
Property repossession
• Attachment to earnings

Our Debt Recovery team have assisted in multiple debt recovery cases, both successfully recovering monies owed or defending actions. We apply our expertise to ensure our client gets the outcome they desire.

Our Fees

For information about our fees for Debt Recovery up to £100,000, click the link below:

• Debt Recovery

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