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Director and Shareholder Disputes

Director and Shareholder Dispute Solicitors

Director and Shareholder Disputes are often complex due to the issues involved and the need to take or defend action.

The duties of a shareholder and a director (with or without shares) should be documented in a shareholders agreement or employment contract and a breach of these agreements can result in disputes between directors and shareholders.

When a dispute occurs, it is essential to seek legal advice quickly enabling swift action to be taken. Leaving issues when you know about them can cause complications, financial loss and jeopardise the company operations. Addressing issues, such as those noted below, is an important part of the dispute process so you understand your rights and the actions available to you.

Whether you are a director or a shareholder who is raising issues, or who is in dispute with another party, or it has been alleged you have breached your duties and you need to defend allegations, our team can guide directors and shareholders on disputes and how to resolve them.

Some of the reasons for director and shareholder disputes are:

• Minority shareholder rights and protection
• General shareholder disputes and litigation and breach of shareholders agreement
• General director disputes and litigation
• Breach of fiduciary duty
• Failing to act in good faith or in the best interest of the company
• Misrepresentation
• Fraud
• Negligence
• Breach of confidentiality
• Breach of covenants

If you face any of the above issues or others not listed, it is important for you to take quick and decisive legal advice. Our team of Commercial Solicitors will work with you to understand your issues and advise you on the best course of action to take to protect you and your company.

How we help

We understand that quick, effective resolution of disputes saves time and money and importantly, for a business, gets the right people focused back on running the company.

Our advice is always pragmatic and proportionate, and we will ensure your rights are protected at all times with the most appropriate resolution to the issues found as quickly and effectively as possible.

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