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Debt Recovery Fees

Cost Information for Debt Recovery up to £100,000

This estimate does not apply to disputed claims, nor to the enforcement of judgment which may be obtained.

Our fees are based on hourly rates which range between £190 per hour (£228 inc. VAT) to £390 per hour (£468 inc. VAT) depending on seniority.

Our fees and the disbursements we will charge to you for a typical uncontested debt recovery claim cover the work and involve the costs set out below.

Debt amount Our fee ranges
Up to £10,000 £725 – £1,650 plus VAT (£990 – £1,980 inc. VAT)
£10,000 to £100,000 £1,650 – £2,750 plus VAT (£1,980 – £3,300 inc. VAT)

Key Milestones

Our fees and disbursements for this work are based on the number of hours we take to complete the work which includes:

  • Taking your instructions, reviewing any relevant documents, undertaking relevant searches, and advising you about your claim
  • Drafting and sending a letter before action
  • Receiving payment and transferring it to you; or if the claim is not paid, drafting, and issuing a claim form and particulars of the claim.
  • Where no acknowledgement of service or defence is received, or where the debtor fully admits the debt, applying to the court to enter judgment
  • On receipt of judgment in default or following a full admission, writing to the other side and demanding payment on your behalf.
  • If payment is not received, providing you with advice on the next steps and the likely cost of those steps.

Disbursements and Other Costs

Disbursements may be incurred in the handling of the matter for you. In Debt Claims, fees tend to relate to Counsels’ fees and Court Fees.

Counsel fees – If Counsel is required to be instructed, a quotation for their services will be obtained from them and discussed with you before they are instructed to ensure you are fully aware of the fees that will be charged. However, we have given examples of costs below:

The fees of a barrister vary depending on the experience of the advocate and their expertise. In our experience, the initial fee for a barrister and the first day of the hearing (known as the brief fee) will be in the region of £1,000 – £3,000 plus VAT (£1200 – £3600 inc. VAT). Each subsequent day would be an additional £500 – £1,500 plus VAT (£600 – £1800 inc. VAT).

If you want a very experienced barrister, then the cost is likely to be more. You may also incur additional charges, such as travel costs, for us to attend meetings and hearings.

Court fees will be payable dependent on the value of the claim. Please go to the following link to ascertain the current court fees applicable:

Make a court claim for money: Court fees – GOV.UK (

Other disbursements may be, for example, land registry title search (£3 plus VAT per search, £3.60 inc. VAT), bankruptcy search fees (£2 plus VAT per search, £2.40 inc. VAT).

Additional costs
If there are likely to be additional costs, we will inform you as soon as possible. You may incur additional costs if:

  • We need enforcement proceedings
  • We need to instruct a Bailiff


Debt recovery claims involving default judgments normally take between 6-12 weeks to conclude, depending on whether it is necessary to issue a claim and file an application for default judgment.

Please note that the above estimates of costs and timescales are intended to represent the average range of costs. Actual costs and timescales may differ depending on the facts and circumstances of the case.

Factors That Could Make A Case More Complex

The following factors may make your case more complex and impact on your legal fees and disbursements:

  1. The matter is defended
  2. Judgement is obtained and needs to be enforced, for example:
    • Instruction of a Bailiff
    • Attachment of earnings order
  3. Making or defending a costs application
  4. Should any of these factors occur, we will notify you and discuss with you any increase in our legal fees or disbursements.

If at any time the claim is contested, you will be provided with a cost estimate.

Fee Earners

The following fee earners handle Debt Recovery matters:

  • Roger Pittalis is a Qualified Solicitor. Roger qualified in 1991 and works in our debt recovery department. Roger is also the Head of our Litigation team at Pittalis.


If you have any questions relating to our services and our fees, please contact us at 020 8446 9555 or email us at