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Probate and Estate Administration

Probate & Estate Administration Solicitors

The loss of a loved one is a distressing time for most people and the handling of the deceased’s estate is a necessary but often emotional task to be completed. At Pittalis LLP we will use our experience to ensure procedures are dealt with as sympathetically as possible and guide you through the Probate application.

Probate is the process of dealing with a person’s estate after their death. This involves organising their money, assets and possessions and distributing them as inheritance – after paying any taxes and debts. If the deceased has left a Will, it will name someone (“the executor”) that they have chosen to administer their estate. Our role will be to help with the interpretation of the Will, advising the executor on the deceased’s wishes and the consequences of Inheritance Tax, and procuring Probate to enable assets to be transferred to the beneficiaries designated under the Will. If there is no Will (known as “Intestacy”) we will represent the family to advise on the appropriate action to take.

How we help

Our Probate team will work with the executors (i.e. those nominated under the Will to administer the estate) or administrators (where there is no Will) to advise you on all matters relating to Probate law to assist you in the discharge of your legal obligations for administering the deceased’s estate.

Our experienced Probate and estate administration Solicitors provide the appropriate advice and services in various areas of Probate:

• Determining the validity of a Will and obtaining approval for the Grant of Probate
• Preparing asset and liability forms in support of the Probate application
• Contested probate, challenging a Will
• Advising on rules of Intestacy if no Will exists
• Obtaining Letters of Administration if no Will exists
• Claims against the deceased’s estate
• Assessment and investigation of assets, including searches for unknown beneficiaries
• How and when to distribute assets of the estate
• Creditors’ rights and payment of debts
• Inheritance Tax consequences
• Costs of administration

Our fees

Details of our fee scales can be found by clicking on the following link:

• Probate Fees

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