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Property & Land Disputes

Property and Land Dispute Solicitors

Pittalis LLP provide straightforward, effective and impactful legal advice and guidance when it comes to dealing with a property or land dispute.

It is an unfortunate consequence of business that disputes arise, and property and land disputes can become complicated due to the value element, title aspects, and documents that surround the purchase, sale or use of property and land.

How we help

We act for homeowners, landlords and tenants who can find themselves in a dispute relating to the property that they possess or are using. Some of the types of property disputes are:

• Non-payment of rent or other charges
• Service charge disputes
• Possession claims
• Rent reviews, extensions, and renewals
• Repairs or damage
• Ownership
• Illegal use or use not permitted by the lease
• Rights of way and light
• Access

• Defective premises
• Property management or services
• Works or major works
• Dilapidation claims and repairing obligations
• Noise and enjoyment impact (neighbour disputes)
• Misrepresentation
• Joint ownership and share of property disputes
• Trespass

These represent some of the disputes that the owners and users of land find themselves involved in and at Pittalis LLP we have the property disputes team with the expertise and knowledge to assist you with any dispute whether you are pursuing or defending a matter.

At Pittalis LLP our aim is to resolve the dispute for our clients efficiently and practically. At all times, our commitment is about looking after and protecting our client’s interests in the matter.

We will advise and guide you with the best possible strategy to resolve the dispute in the most appropriate manner in terms of time, costs and certainty, and avoid unnecessary and costly litigation. We have handled various property-related disputes and have acted for our clients (claimant or defendant) to resolve disputes by negotiation, mediation and litigation.

At Pittalis LLP we will listen and provide honest, professional advice and work to resolve the dispute and achieve an agreed legal and commercial outcome for our clients.

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To speak with a member of our Property Disputes team, please call us on 020 8446 9555, email us at or make an online enquiry here and we will call you back.