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Writing a Will

Will Drafting

Having a Will is essential to protect your estate and assets and ensure that your wishes are adhered to after you die.

At Pittalis LLP, our Solicitors will use their experience to understand your requirements and wishes and reflect these in a professionally drafted and executed Will that is valid and binding.

Making a Will does not need to be complicated but it is essential. Passing away without a valid Will can often lead to complications and disputes. Having a Will provides you with the ability to control what happens to your estate, with your assets protected and distributed in accordance with your wishes and minimises the risk of disputes occurring after your death.

No matter how straightforward or complex the assets involved, writing a Will is a sensible and important part of good estate planning.

How we help

We will provide you with the legal expertise to prepare your Will and ensure all your requirements are covered. We will speak with you and where appropriate your family to understand the details of your estate and assets. We will liaise with you to help you make the correct decisions for the future.

We can advise you on estate planning involving assets and business interests, inheritance tax, guardianship for children, and trusts covering both straightforward estates and more complex arrangements for high-net-worth individuals.

We have a close working relationship with specialist tax consultants for complex estate tax planning enabling us to provide a complete range of services.

Whether you are preparing a Will for the first time or seeking to have an existing Will changed, our experts are here to assist you. There are a number of life events that may or will impact your Will, for example, marriage, divorce, children, illness, a significant purchase etc. Adapting your Will to meet the changing needs of your life and circumstances will help to ensure your wishes are implemented and that when these wishes change so does your Will.

Depending on the complexity of your Will we may work to fixed fees or if appropriate we will apply hourly rates. With all legal services provided by Pittalis LLP, our fees will be clear and you will know what you will need to pay and when from the outset.

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