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Tax and Estate Planning

Tax and Estate Planning Solicitors

Tax and Estate Planning involves advance management of your estate and assets before you die to with a view to managing and where possible minimising Inheritance Tac (IHT) and Capital Gain Tax (CGT).

With foresight and appropriate planning it is possible to protect your assets and ensured your loved ones pay only the tax they need to. This can become a complex areas and putting in place a structure that is legal correct is essential.

How we help

The Pittalis Tax and Estate Planning Solicitors will guide and advise you on the best course of action to take to protect you, your assets and your loved ones and assist you with forward planning to take advantage of any opportunities that may be available.

Our team of expert estate planning lawyers will work with you to understand your needs and guide you on the appropriate structure to put in place to meet your requirements.

It is essential when making plans that they are simple, flexible, effective and most importantly they are in accordance with legislation to ensure that when it is necessary to implement they are not open to challenge.

Whether you wish to instruct Pittalis to guide and advise you on tax and estate planning on a single basis or you want to retain our lawyers to work with you on an ongoing basis we are able to assist.

Our team are sensitive to the needs of each client and their families and will always ensure the wishes of the client are carried forward in the best possible way. We will only take the action that is in the best interests of our client and we will guide you on the most suitable solutions.

We will provide you with clear and transparent fees so you understand the fees you will incur and when. We will always seek to be competitive at all times and ensure our fees reflect the work we are required to perform on your behalf.

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To speak with one of our Tax and Estate Planning Solicitors or Lawyers you can call us on 020 8446 9555 or email us, and we will call you back